Enhance Your Listening Experience With This Helpful Tool

At Hearing Advantage, Inc., we’re always looking for ways to help people live better through the power and convenience of hearing technology. It’s one of the reasons we offer Oticon’s ConnectClip, an accessory that lets your hearing aids double as wireless stereo headsets.

Pretty convenient, right? In fact, ConnectClip lets you:

  • Enjoy hands-free calling and music-streaming using your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Experience in-person conversations even more clearly through the remote microphone
  • Set up video chats and have audio from your computer delivered directly to your ears
  • Conveniently control your hearing devices with the remote-control function

Let’s break each of these features down, giving a better idea of how they work with hearing aids to further empower you and help you stay connected.


Hands-Free Calling

Multitask like a boss with the convenience of hands-free calling using ConnectClip. It pairs with your compatible phone to let you:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Reject calls
  • Use voice-dialing

Plus, the built-in microphone and noise-reduction feature help clearly communicate your speech to the caller — even in loud environments.


Remote Microphone

How can you hear better in situations when the speaker is some distance away or you’re in a noisy space? The ConnectClip’s built-in remote mic makes it a cinch. Let the person speaking hold the ConnectClip or affix it to their clothing while talking, and the audio will transmit right to your hearing aids for easier listening — whether at home, a restaurant, the boardroom, a place of worship, or elsewhere.


Video Calls

Paired with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, the ConnectClip lets you make video calls on popular platforms such as Skype and FaceTime. You can also use ConnectClip to stream the video call’s audio directly to your hearing aids. With your hearing aid’s clear sound and ConnectClip acting as your video-chat microphone, engage in virtual conversations with confidence.


Remote Control

Want to fine-tune your hearing devices? Adjust them using ControlClip, which can serve as a remote control when not in streaming mode. The remote-control function lets you change the volume and hearing-aid program to fit your individual needs. You can also completely mute the microphones in your hearing devices.


What Exactly Is Streaming?

Streaming essentially involves sending audio from a sound source — for example, your smartphone, TV, or stereo — directly to your hearing devices for convenient, clearer, accessible listening. With streaming, your hearing instruments essentially act as wireless headphones, providing an even more personalized experience.

Hearing aids facilitate streaming either directly or through a clip. In direct streaming, audio is transmitted right to your devices — without an accessory. The clip method uses a wireless accessory, a streamer, that clips to your clothing or may hang around your neck. Audio is transmitted to the clip, which then sends it to your hearing aids.

Want to learn more about ConnectClip or get started on the convenience it can bring to your listening experience? We’re here to help and can even demo the technology. So don’t wait. Contact our caring team at Hearing Advantage, Inc. today!

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